torsdag, juni 08, 2006

onsdag, juni 07, 2006

"This is not the End" with French Revolution

This is my 365 songs. This was my year.

365 "Leaving so Soon" with Keane
364 "
Chemical Drugs" with Le Sport
363 "
Världen Utanför" with Barbados
362 "
I wish I was a Punk Rocker (with Flowers in My Hair)" with Sandi Thom
361 "
Things We Did Last Summer" with Dean Martin
360 "
Lilla Snigel" with Gitte Pålsson
359 "
The Final Countdown" with Crazy Frog
358 "
Boys from School" with Hot Chip
357 "
Over and Over" with Hot Chip
356 "
Celebration" with Kylie Minouge
355 "
Angel of Night" with BWO
354 "
Indifferent" with Sebastian
353 "
Ascension Day" with Alphaville
352 "
Meet Me Here" with Eric Gadd
351 "
Haunted" with BWO
350 "
Jump" with Kris Kross
349 "
Kärleken Förde Oss Samman" with Ulf Lundell
348 "
Never Let You Go" with Dima Bilan
347 "
Layla" with Hari Mata Hari
346 "
We are the Winners" with LT United
345 "
Alvedansen" with Christine Guldbrandsen
344 "
Tornero" with Mihai Traistariu
343 "
Twist of Love" with Sidsel Ben Semmane
342 "
Invincible (Soundfactory Radio Remix)" with Carola
341 "
Hard Rock Hallelujah" with Lordi
340 "
Fear No Darkness, Promised Child" with Timo Räisänen
339 "
The Resurrectionist" with Pet Shop Boys
338 "
Rör Vid Min Själ" with Sanna Nielsen
337 "
Tusen Vackra Bilder" with Lotta Engberg
336 "
Faith" with George Michael
335 "
Discodåre" with Magnus Carlsson
334 "
Anymore" with Whitney Houston
333 "
Integral" with Pet Shop Boys
332 "
Sunny" with Cher
331 "
Bad Attitude" with Deep Purple
330 "
Take Me Away" with Stonebridge feat. Therese
329 "
Candyman Messiah" with Army of Lovers
328 "
Happy Birthday" with Marilyn Monroe
327 "
Crazy" with Gnarls Barkley
326 "
No One Takes Your Freedom" with DJ Earworm
325 "
Sick and Tired" with Anastacia
324 "
Lemon" with U2
323 "
Weird" with Butterfingers
322 "
Being Boring" with West End Girls
321 "
Miss You" with Marit Bergman
320 "
Hips Don't Lie" with Shakira feat.Wyclef Jean
319 "
Is it Any Wonder?" with Keane
318 "
Naught Boy" with Hanna Graaf
317 "
Live Forever" with Oasis
316 "
We're So Loud" with Dub Sweden
315 "
No Regrets" with Robbie Williams
314 "
Absolutely Fabulous" with Queentastic
313 "
Egyptian Shumba" with The Tammys
312 "
A Life to Live" with The Attic
311 "
Still Standing" with Kylie Minouge
310 "
…Baby, One More Time" with Britney Spears
309 "
Positive" with The Mo
308 "
Kal E. Anka Suger Pung" with Onkel Kånkel
307 "
Bröllopsklockor" with Pugh Rogefeldt
306 "
Mad World" with Gary Jules and Michael Andrews
305 "
Juggernaut" with BWO
304 "
Barbie Girl" with The Axel Boys Quartet
303 "
I Want Candy" with Bow Wow Wow
302 "
Invincible" with Carola
301 "
Det Regnar i Stockholm" with Carola
300 "Home & Dry" with Pet Shop Boys
299 "Swinging London Town" with Girls Aloud
298 "Words Are Not Enough" with Steps
297 "Let's Twist Again" with Chubby Checker
296 "What a Piece of Work Is Man" from Hair
295 "Life of Riley" with The Lightening Seeds
294 "This Woman" with Anna Sahlene
293 "Talk" with Coldplay
292 "Jag Hatar att Jag Älskar Dig. Och Jag Älskar Dig så Mycket att Jag Hatar Mig" with Håkan Hellström
291 "Laffy Taffy" with D4L
290 "The Model" with Kraftwerk
289 "20Hz" with Covenant
288 "Scandal" with Queen
287 "Equinox (Part I)" with Jean Michel Jarre
286 "Kall som Is" with Gemini
285 "Evighet" with Carola
284 "Under Your Spell" with Evan
283 "1 Life" with Xandee
282 "I’m with Stupid" with Pet Shop Boys
281 "Elizabeth, You Were Born To Play" with Ryan Adams
280 "Too Tired" with Gary Moore
279 "Faller Du så Faller Jag" with Patrik Isaksson
278 "Jag Tar Vad Jag Vill Ha" with Sandra Dahlberg
277 "I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor" with Sugababes
276 "Funny Little Frog" with Belle&Sebastian
275 "Independent Woman Part 1" with Destiny's Child
274 "A Chicken with Its Head Cut Off" with Magnetic Fields
273 "Crash! Boom! Bang!" with Roxette
272 "Long Night" with The Corrs
271 "Mixed Emotions" with Rolling Stones
270 "Idag & Imorgon" with Kikki Danielsson
269 "You're Never Lonely When the Band Plays" with Andreas Mattsson
268 "On Again…Off Again" with Julie & Ludwig
267 "Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band" with The Beatles
266 "On a Train" with Eskobar
265 "Shake the Disease" with Depeche Mode
264 "Marble House" with The Knife
263 "Whatever Happens" with Michael Jackson
262 "Alla Flickor" with Linda Bengtzing
261 "Gold" with East
260 "Je T'adore" with Kate Ryan
259 "Silver" with Wilmer X
258 "I Want You Back" with Jackson 5
257 "Sing for Me" with Andreas Johnsson
256 "Destroy Everything You Touch" with Laydytron
255 "Miss You Much" with Janet Jackson
254 "Stupid Girl" with Pink
253 "Valentine" with Beautiful South
252 "Bad Day" with R.E.M
251 "My Name Is…" with Eminem
250 "A Different Corner" with George Michael
249 "Long Train Running" with Bananarama
248 "Happy Birthday"
247 "Sick & Tired" with The Cardigans
246 "Son of a Gun" with Bodies without Organs
245 "Sod the Neighbours" with Toy Dolls
244 "Springtime for Hitler" from The Producers
243 "A Love That Will Never Grow Old" with Emmylou Harris
242 "Vampire Theme" by Anthony Lledo
241 "TV is the Thing This Year" with Dianne Reeves
240 "I Believe in the Good Life" with The Hidden Cameras
239 "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" with Nina Persson
238 "A Different Corner" with George Michael
237 "Seasons of Love" from Rent
236 "Känn Ingen Sorg För Mig Göteborg" with Håkan Hellström
235 "The Wanderer" with Johnny Cash feat. U2
234 "Frozen" with Madonna
233 "I'll Be There for You" with The Rembrandts
232 "Jennie Jennie" with Lasse Berghagen
231 "Don’t Worry Be Happy" with Bobby McFerrin
230 "Sleep" with Texas feat. Paul Buchanan
229 "Ring of Fire" with Johnny Cash
228 "Walk the Line" with Johnny Cash
227 "Silent Shout" with The Knife
226 "Wanna Be Starting Something" with Michael Jackson
225 "I Don’t Sleep Well" with Hello Saferide
224 "Like a Virgin" with Madonna
223 "Big Gay Heart" with Lemonheads
222 "Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over" from Cold Mountain OST
221 "I'm Confused" with Pandora
220 "Einsam in Truben Tragen" with Birgit Nilsson
219 "Teardrop" with Massive Attack
218 "I Know a Girl" from Chicago, the Musical
217 "First Day of My Life" with Melanie C
216 "That's What Friends Are For" with Dionne Warwick
215 "Time Gous By Con Loli" with Las Terremoto de Alcorcon
214 "Check On It" with Beyonce Feat. Slim Thug
213 "Drunk" with Kylie Minouge
212 "Brain Drain" with The Lightning Seeds
211 "Single" with Everything But The Girl
210 "Släpp Fångarne Loss" with Tommy Körberg
209 "New Years Day" with U2
208 "Happy New Year" with ABBA
207 "I Should Be So Lucky" with Kylie Minouge
206 "Rythm Divine" with Bodies without Organs
205 "A Big Hunk O Love" with Elvis Presley
204 "Snön Föll" with Peter Jöback
203 "White Christmas" with Bing Crosby
202 "Jul, Jul, Strålande Jul" with Peter Jöback
201 "Nu Har Vi Jul Här i Vårt Hus" with Agnetha Fältskog & Linda Ulvaeus
200 "One" with Mary J Blige feat. U2
199 "Going Home for Christmas" with Chapman Steven Curtis
198 "JCB Song" with Nizlopi
197 "Laughing Gnome" with David Bowie
196 "Doktorn" with Agnetha Fältskog
195 "Sunday" with Stakka Bo
194 "King Kong Song" with ABBA
193 "The Maker Makes" with Rufus Wainwright
192 "See the Day" with Girls Aloud
191 "Varför är Bussar Så Långa" with Doktor Kosmos
190 "Santa Lucia" with Tremoli
189 "Strange Day" with The Cure
188 "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" with Shirley Bassey
187 "Main Theme from Corpse Bride" by Danny Elfman
186 "Oh Lord" with Nouveau Riche
185 "Walk Away" with Franz Ferdinand
184 "Can-o-Corn" with Coolio
183 "Finlandia" by Jean Sibelius
182 "Zoo Station" with U2
181 "Bad Day" with Daniel Powter
180 "För Fet (För Ett Fuck)" with Svullo & Electric Boys
179 "Right Here Right Now" with Agnes
178 "13" with Håkan Hellström
177 "Banankontakt" with Electric Banana Band
176 "Priest of Evil" with Stormwitch
175 "Titta Det Snöar" with Povel Ramel
174 "Life is a Rollercoaster" with Ronan Keating
173 "Shame Shame Shame" with Izabella Scorupco
172 "You Gonna Want Me" with Tiga
171 "Biology" with Girls Aloud
170 "Roma" with Cameron Cartio
169 "När Det Lider Mot Jul" with Carola
168 "Alias Theme" by J.J Abrams
167 "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" with The Crystals
166 "All That She Wants" with Ace of Base
165 "Super Pop" with Madonna
164 "Ugly" with Sugababes
163 "Toes" with Norah Jones
162 "He's the Greatest Dancer" with Sister Sledge
161 "Cut My Hair" with The Who
160 "Son of Dad" with Mando Diao
159 "The Escape" with Lena Ph
158 "Fanfanfan" with Thåström
157 "Jo-Anna Says" with Son of a Plumber
156 "B-L-O-S-S-A" from the Blossa Commercial
155 "And Then We Kiss (Junkie XL Remix)" with Britney Spears
154 "I Don't Like Mondays" with Boomtown Rats
153 "Stig In och Ta en Cocktail" with Magnus Uggla
152 "Like it or Not" with Madonna
151 "Vi Mot Världen" with Kent
150 "You Raise Me Up" with Westlife
149 "B What U Wanna B" with Darin
148 "All in the Game" with Fame
147 "We’re from Barcelona" with I’m from Barcelona
146 "Turn Back Time" with Aqua
145 "Baba O'Riley" with The Who
144 "Red Dress" with Sugababes
143 "Han Jobbar i Affär" with Lena Philipsson
142 "Sin Sin Sin" with Robbie Williams
141 "My Heart Will Go On" with Celine Dion
140 "Leaving New York" with REM
139 "New York" with U2
138 "New York City Boy" with Pet Shop Boys
137 "New York, New York" with Ryan Adams
136 "New York, New York" with Frank Sinatra
135 "Manhattan Skyline" with A-ha
134 "New York is Waiting" with Björn Skifs
133 "No Limit" with 2 Unlimited
132 "The Fly" with U2
131 "Sista Morgonen" with Niklas Strömstedt
130 "Hung Up" with Madonna
129 "Look on the Floor (Hypnotic Tango)" with Bananarama
128 "Little Boxes" with Malvina Reynolds
127 "Back at Work" from Thoroughly Modern Millie
126 "Bitter Pill" with Siobhan Fahey
125 "The Final Countdown" with Europe
124 "Viktiga Små Ord" with Nanne
123 "Suffer Well" with Depeche Mode
122 "Doctor! Doctor!" with Thompson Twins
121 "All By Myself" with Eric Carmen
120 "Supersonic" with Oasis
119 "I’ve Got a Life" with Eurythmics
118 "Go to Sleep" with Roxette
117 "Mer Jul" with Adolphson & Falk
116 "A Pain That I'm Used To" with Depeche Mode
115 "Looking for Love" with September
114 "Morning Papers" with Prince
113 "Take it Easy" with The Fugees
112 "Neverending Story" with Limahl
111 "Spelling Bee Interlude" with Missy Elliott
110 "La Poupee" with Danielle
109 "Die Mauer" with Ebba Grön
108 "Perfection (Turn Me Upside Down)" with Dannii Minogue & The Soul Seekerz
107 "Domino Dancing" with West End Girls
106 "Spice Up Your Life" with Spice Girls
105 "If The Milk Turns Sour" with John Murphy & David Hughes
104 "Get Me to the Church on Time" from My Fair Lady
103 "Time After Time" with Cyndi Lauper
102 "Dare" with Gorillaz feaut. Shaun Ryder
101 "Unga Pojkar & Äldre Män" with Lena Philipsson
100 "Hundragubbesjubiléeum" from Emil i Lönneberga
99 "Call Me" with Spagna
98 "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with Nirvana
97 "Wonkas Welocme Song" by Danny Elfman
96 "Gimme Gimme Gimme" with ABBA
95 "Crazy" with Andy Bell
94 "Tripping" with Robbie Williams
93 "September All Over" with September
92 "A Beatles Medley" with GöteborgsMusiken
91 "Back to Life" with Soul II Soul
90 "London" with Pet Shop Boys
89 "Piccadilly Circus" with Pernilla Wahlgren
88 "London Nights" with London Boys
87 "London Calling" with The Clash
86 "I Will Survive" with Gloria Gaynor
85 "Television" with Marcus Landgren
84 "Patience" with George Michael
83 "Vinnaren Tar Allt" with Gunilla Backman
82 "Desperate Love" with Pernilla Wahlgren
81 "Push the Button" with Sugababes
80 "747" with Kent
79 "The Importance of Being Idle" with Oasis
78 "In Denial" with Pet Shop Boys & Kylie Minouge
77 "Brother and Sister" with Erasure
76 "Ooh La La" with Goldfrapp
75 "Weather with You" with Crowded House
74 "They" with Jem
73 "Milk Bottle Symphony" with Saint Etienne
72 "It Hurts" with Lena Philipsson
71 "Yellow Submarine" with Beatles
70 "Beg Steal or Borrow" with New Seekers
69 "34an" with Per Myrberg
68 "All Things Dull & Ugly" with Monty Python
67 "Alphabet St" with Prince
66 "Den Siste Mohikanen" with Lars Vegas Trio
65 "Summer Moved On" with A-ha
64 "Wonderwall" with Oasis
63 "Oh Carolina" with Shaggy
62 "Gay Bar" with Electric Six
61 "Love U More" with Steps
60 "But Not Tonight" with Jimmy Somerville
59 "La De Swinge" with Bobbysocks
58 "Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo (Club Edit)" with Sophia Loren
57 "Pride (In the Name of Love)" with U2
56 "Crumbs from Your Table" with U2
55 "Party Girl" with U2
54 "Where the Streets Have No Name" with U2
53 "Vertigo" with U2
52 "Jag Kommer Hem Igen till Jul" with Peter Jöback
51 "Staring at the Sun" with U2
50 "Desire" with U2
49 "I Will Follow" with U2
48 "I Still Haven’t Found what I’m Looking For" with U2
47 "My Hometown" with The Wannadies
46 "Why Does it Always Rain on Me" with Travis
45 "Semester" with Bo Kaspers Orkester
44 "Precioius" with Depeche Mode
43 "Right Now" with Atomic Kitten
42 "Givin' You Up" with Kylie
41 "Sex Crime (1984)" with Eurythmics
40 "Son av Ayatollah" with Torsson
39 "Holiday" with Madonna
38 "Proud" with Heather Small
37 "Everybody’s Free (to wear Sunscreen)" with Baz Luhrman
36 "Move in My Direction" with Bananarama
35 "Insomnia" with Faithless
34 "Hymn to the Sea" by James Horner
33 "En Sten vid en Sjö i en Skog" with Gyllene Tider
32 "You're My First" with Barry White
31 "Panic (on the Streets of London)" with The Smiths
30 "Das Kleine Krokodil" with Schnappi
29 "Facts of Life" with Lazyboy
28 "He's on the Phone" with St Etienne
27 "Music" with Madonna
26 "Groove is in the Heart" with Dee Lite
25 "So Good" with Rachel Stevens
24 "Beautiful Day" with U2
23 "Electric" with Leila K
22 "Satellites" with September
21 "Can’t Get Blue Monday Out of My Head" with Kylie Minouge
20 "Perfect" with Fairground Attraction
19 "Bandido" with Azucar Moreno
18 "A Midsummer Nights Dream" by Mendelssohn
17 "Used to Be the One" with David Guetta
16 "When Tomorrow Comes" with Anna Ternheim
15 "Doctor, I'm Only Seeing Dark" with Scissor Sisters
14 "Edge of Your Atmosphere" with Kelly Osbourne
13 "Summer in the City" by The Lovin' Spoonful
12 "Strawberry Fields Forever" by The Beatles
11 "Crash and Burn Girl" by Robyn
10 "Some Girls are Bigger than Others" by The Smiths
09 "My Number One" with Helena Paparizou
08 "My Best Friend" by Hello Saferide
07 "Sunshine in the Rain" by BWO
06 "Yesterday when I was Mad" by Pet Shop Boys
05 "Til Kingdom Come" by Coldplay
04 "The Devil Sent You to Lorado" with Baccara
03 "Lay All Your Love On Me"/"I Tryggt Förvar Hos Mig" by ABBA
02 "Revolution" with The Thompson Twins
01 "(Even Better than) The Real Thing [The Perfecto Remix]" by U2

In my first blog (the last one listed above) you can read:
"So this is the start of my blogging. Do you wanna to se how it ends?"
Well. This is not the end. It's just the beginning for something new!

Keep readin’
Tomorrow’s a new day.

tisdag, juni 06, 2006

"Leaving so Soon" with Keane

The Final Countdown to the Death of this Blog
One Day Left

This last week I’ve drowned you in links to previous blogs from the year of this baby…mainly from the early months when I had something important (oh, well…) to say here…but there are still some things I have to highlight before killing it tomorrow:

The blog with the Madonna-review, the blog with the Cock-o-Lada, the blog with Halle Berry’s toes, the blog with my favorite joke, the blog with the exploding can of corn (and the song of today I never heard that E-man just googled), the blog when I was first asked to move to Stockholm and the one with my first day here, the one with all the hunks of 2005, the one with the very, very long bus, the one with all the Googled pictures and well…just remind you of that there where only one with no "Tomorrow’s a new day and a new song" previous to tomorrow's blog.

But well. I guess I have to stop somewhere.

Keep readin’.
Tomorrow’s a new day and a new song.

Song of Today: "Leaving so Soon" with Keane

måndag, juni 05, 2006

"Chemical Drugs" with Le Sport

The Final Countdown to the Death of this Blog
Two Days Left

One thing I will never forget is my damn throat infection in October last year.
Dammit, I was the sickest man on earth.
And you could read everything about it here, here, here, here, and here.

Keep readin’.
Tomorrow’s a new day and a new song.

Song of Today: "Chemical Drugs" with Le Sport

söndag, juni 04, 2006

"Världen Utanför" with Barbados

The Final Countdown to the Death of this Blog
Three Days Left

One thing I have loved about this blog – and a thing I think I will continue to do in the Swedish blog now – is reporting from trips I’ve been to, and publish a lot of pictures with it.

The first one I reported from was a very funny one in London with my work last September
…and then my first trip ever to USA and to New York.

I really want to go back reading about all the fun and seeing all those photos.

Keep readin’.
Tomorrow’s a new day and a new song.

Song of Today: "Världen Utanför" with Barbados

lördag, juni 03, 2006

"I wish I was a Punk Rocker (with Flowers in My Hair)" with Sandi Thom

The Final Countdown to the Death of this Blog
Four Days Left

I loved the Flip Flops where some of the funniest thing with this blog, and I think that if I had stayed in Gothenburg, and we had continued doing it, it could had turned out to be something really good.
Even if I DO think we have had to regret the most of our flips and flops.
Like Flip/Flops started in September (with Robbie Williams) I think, and the one I remember the most is actually the one we can call the "September fiasko"…but a completely other September that is. We actually had to take that back later…

...the last ones really felt like an end of an era.

The song of today is one I really, really should have flipped right now.
I wonder what E-man should have said?

Keep readin’.
Tomorrow’s a new day and a new song.

Song of Today: "I wish I was a Punk Rocker (with Flowers in My Hair)" with Sandi Thom

fredag, juni 02, 2006

"Things We Did Last Summer" with Dean Martin

The Final Countdown to the Death of this Blog
Five Days Left

If I look back on last summer’s blogging it might have been my best blog-period up to date. Since I was determined that the blog was going to be about music…but already understood that I mostly would be writing about the topic I know best (myself) – you can clearly see two types of blogs:

A) The blogs about music
I really like these; blog like the one about the new Oasis song, the one about Depeche nicking their new single from Kent or just blogs like this one. And then we had the U2 week with purley U2 songs every day leading up to this fabulous concert. I really regret that I didn’t come up with more blogs like these…as you know, in the end, the music-theme just turned out to be an excuse for sloppy blogging when I didn’t have enough time to write something proper and just listed songs…

B) Blogs about stuff happening to me
You can see the pattern that lately have exploded in the Swedish blog…mememe...but I can’t help thinking that I maybe where more careful and a better writer when I had to formulate myself in English. At least I was more concise…
But there are some stuff bringing back memories like when Bus34 died, Göteborgskalaset, Backaplan, and of course – the dreadful London bombings. And then there’s stuff you wouldn’t have remembered at all (like this funny thing) if it wasn’t for this blog…and of course something about the people in Gothenburg and the ocean.

But I think the blogs I like the best are the ones where I combine blogging about myself and the music theme… Like the one with my annoying new neighbors that where constantly playing Oasis….or the favorite of the day: The blog about which music people will connect me to.

Happy reading. Now I’m going to the train again….

Keep readin'.
Tomorrow’s a new day and a new song.

Song of Today: "Things We Did Last Summer" with Dean Martin